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With an cutting edge, visible procedure the Eyewitness go back and forth 15-Minute language publications are the perfect instruments for those who have to research a language speedy.

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June giugno jooneeoh July luglio loollyoh August agosto agostoh September settembre settembray October ottobre ottobray November novembre novembray December dicembre deechembray month Natale è in dicembre. mese mezay natalay ay een deechembray year Christmas is in December. anno annoh 5 Useful phrases: months Learn these phrases and then test yourself using the cover flap. My children are on vacation in August. I miei bambini sono in vacanza in agosto. ee mee-ayee bambeenee sonoh een vakantsah een agostoh My birthday is in June.

3 What time does the train leave? Alle quindici e dieci. 4 What platform does the train leave from? Dal binario sette. 5 Thank you. vorray dooay beellyettee per ferrarah 2 Andata e ritorno, per favore. andatah ay reetornoh, per favoray 3 A che ora parte il treno? ah kay orah partay eel trenoh 4 Da quale binario parte il treno? dah kwalay beenareeoh partay eel trenoh 5 Grazie. 40–1) In città Around town Most Italian towns (la città) and larger villages (il paese) still have a market day for fresh produce and a thriving local community of small shops and businesses.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have a few one-euro coins when you arrive at the airport; you may need to pay for a baggage cart. 2 Words to remember Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the flap. il check-in check-in eel chekeen le partenze departures lay partentsay gli arrivi arrivals lly arreevee la dogana customs lah doganah il controllo passaporti passport control eel kontrolloh passaportee il terminale terminal eel termeenal l’uscita gate kwalay loosheetah del voloh per rohmah flight number Which gate does the flight to Rome leave from?

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