A Conceptual History of Psychology by John Greenwood PDF

By John Greenwood

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A Conceptual historical past of Psychology is a wide historic survey that lines conceptual continuities and discontinuities within the background of mental suggestion. the writer connects the background of mental idea with the improvement of the background of technology, from the proto-scientific psychology of the seventeenth and 18th centuries to the institutionalized clinical psychology of the overdue nineteenth century to the current day. The lucid writing variety and transparent association replicate the author's fifteen years' adventure instructing the direction.

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However, we can recognize anticipations of our conception of science in the early naturalistic and mathematical speculations of the ancient Greeks, in the increasing emphasis on the empirical evaluation of theories from the 16th century onward, and in the development of scientific societies in the 17th century. Analogously, we can recognize discussions of the functions of the human organism and its components from the ancient Greeks to present-day physiologists. Although it is anachronistic to talk about early science and scientists and early physiology and physiologists, it is justified to the degree that many early thinkers developed theories about the structures and processes that still form part of the subject matter of contemporary sciences such as physiology.

The emotion of amae, a kind of “fawning” dependency, may be distinctively Japanese (Doi, 1973), and fago, a complex emotion involving elements of death, going on a journey, and being in the presence of an admirable person, may be unique to the Ifaluk (Lutz, 1982). The pathological emotion of accidie, a debilitating form of disgusted boredom, may have been restricted to medieval times (Altschule, 1965). Although natural scientists have been prepared to abandon the principle of ontological invariance, psychologists have been reluctant to do so.

Since after 30 days in isolation, only subjects exposed to tiger mosquitoes contracted yellow fever, the researchers concluded that tiger mosquito bites are the cause of yellow fever and that contact with “noxious vapors” and contagion are not. The logic of experimentation is directly related to the conception of causality as conditional. indd 17 12/14/07 2:43:27 PM 18 CHAPTER 1: HISTORY, SCIENCE, AND PSYCHOLOGY variables increase or decrease. John Stuart Mill’s (1806–1873) methods of agreement, difference, and concomitant variation, often known as “Mill’s methods” (Mill, 1843), describe situations in which such conditions can be identified.

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