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Awaknyan. and their bound forms. Two other subscripts are e x c and ±nc for 'exclusive' and 'inclusive' respectively, which are used for kamoe and geutanvoe and their bound forms. 2 The Use of Pronominal Affixes Pronominal affixes in Acehnese are used for three different purposes: (1) as agreement markers or crossreferencing clitics, (2) as the reduced forms of possessors or possessive endings, and (3) as the reduced forms of objects. [i]. As agreement markers. ) 1. Jih teungoh ii-duek-duek jeh-pat.

Here, the subject must be used when it is first introduced into the conversation or story, and it must be omitted later, unless another participant interrupts its continuity, or for some other reasons. These are described in the relevant chapters. There are other phenomena that are syntactically inexplicable: for example, some types of enclitic omissions and the necessity of enclitics, proclitic omission, the necessity and the omission of head NP's in relative clauses, 31 the choice between the two different ways of relativizing an object or a dative, the use of the "subject-focus" di in some environments, etc.

Another important point discussed in this chapter is the division of verbs into verbs of Class 1 (those that take proclitics) and verbs of Class 2 (those that take the optional enclitics). Chapters 5 and 6 discuss complementation and relative clauses respectively. CHAPTER 2 DERIVATION OF FOUR CLASSES OF WORDS This chapter is not intended to deal with all aspects of morphology. Much of morphology has been discussed in some previous works, in Asyik (1972), Asyik (1982b), and the most recent and detailed discussion in Durie (1985).

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