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By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

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This quantity inserts where of the neighborhood in theorizing approximately language regulations and practices in utilized linguistics. whereas the results of globalization world wide are being mentioned in such different circles as companies, legislations companies, and schooling, and whereas the unfold of English has come to principally profit these in positions of energy, really little has been stated in regards to the influence of globalization on the neighborhood point, at once or ultimately.

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In line with reference fabric through: James Kari, Ph. D. , Peter Kalifornsky, and Joan Tenenbaum, Ph. D.

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What are your nanes (f'P. )t What are their names? (*') What are their names (f')? ProPer name (*- ) ProPer name (f. ) misrnn:m ? mlsmns ? mlsmn:y ? migmn:un : mismn:knt ? misrnnsn ? mlsrnnsnt ? s. *rFx ma zy teid Where ? zy from o o to be, to tgld mazyg\ ? ma zy tgid ? ma zy iga ? ma zy tga ? ma zy nga ? ma zy tgam ? ma zy tgant ? ma uy gan ? ma zy gant ? you are are You from? do Where am I from ? s' ) from? Where is he from? Where is she from? Where are we from? P. ) from? p. ) from? Where are they (m.

D) Thus we have aS an answer to Arabic tlt snin \r. " the follow- Berber Loan c amaJm "How asg:as one year sin isg:asn two years -srad i-sg:asn three years Ashing a native how he (or she ) says a particular word 1n '[1avhor. u! a) . " strnaziyt ? -6'3- How do you say ". " ln Berber?

Tnrat is your name? (d) George. (c) Oo you have ehildren? (d) Yes, I have two boys and a girI. (") llhere are you from? (d) I am an Ameriean. (c (a (c (e) Good evening. (f ) Good evening. (f) Fine. (") Congratulations on the (e ) new How are you all? house. (f) Thank you. (g) Herro, (h) Hello. (g) wnat 1s your name? (h) uarte. (g ) Where are you f rorn? (h ) I am f rom France. (g ) po you have chlldren? (h) Yes, I have two boys. (g) Wfrat are their names? (h) Michel and Jean. (e) How old are they?

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A course in spoken Tamazight by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

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