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By AA Khalafallah

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This quantity inserts where of the neighborhood in theorizing approximately language regulations and practices in utilized linguistics. whereas the results of globalization all over the world are being mentioned in such diversified circles as organisations, legislation enterprises, and schooling, and whereas the unfold of English has come to principally profit these in positions of strength, fairly little has been acknowledged in regards to the impression of globalization on the neighborhood point, at once or in some way.

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In accordance with reference fabric via: James Kari, Ph. D. , Peter Kalifornsky, and Joan Tenenbaum, Ph. D.

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Electric fires have often been made to look like real ones with reddish colours that imitate those of flames. Their function will also be the same as that of a prototypical real fire in a fireplace: they are both used to keep people and places warm. However, electric fires cannot be used for cooking or for destroying something by burning it. Accordingly, the interpretation of fire in electric fire can hardly be said to be manifestly metaphorical, although it is also 2 3 4 Quite broadly speaking, a set is just a definable collection of things (Cann 1993:44,93; Allwood, Andersson & Dahl 1977:3).

43) A colonel is above a major in rank. 58 More specifically, such prepositional meanings appear to connect directly to spatial image schemas, that is generalised cognitive representations resulting from our bodily experiences of being, moving and acting in concrete space with its three basic dimensions: length, height, and width. In other words, image schemas can be understood as generalisations over a large number of more specific experiential domains involving concrete existence and activities in space—or, in fact, rather as generalisations over the internalised structured impressions of very many concrete and specific spheres of experience.

As we have seen in many examples in this study, obvious but still understandable aberrations from basic collocational tendencies are common. In other words, such structures are felt to make sense if they are given some figurative reading, no doubt because they somehow package and comment on human experiences and reactions in a way that is calculable by extending the meaning of a source. Chomsky’s immensely influential book Aspects of the Theory of Syntax was published in 1965. 7 In short, the Chomskyan term selectional restriction(s) is to do with the same type of combinatory potential that Firth had in mind when he spoke of collocation(s): that is cooccurrence possibilities and limitations between words in language strings.

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