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By David Crystal(auth.), David Crystal(eds.)

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David Crystal's A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics has lengthy been the normal single-volume reference for its box. Now to be had in its 6th variation, it's been revised and up to date to mirror the newest phrases within the box.

  • Includes in way over 5,100 phrases, grouped into over 3,000 entries
  • Coverage displays thoughts by way of a crew of specialists in phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics, making it particularly finished
  • Incorporates new principles stemming from the minimalist software
  • Contains a separate desk of abbreviations and desk of symbols, besides an up-to-date overseas Phonetic Alphabet
  • Updates entries to mirror the way in which proven phrases at the moment are perceived in mild of alterations within the box, delivering a different perception into the ancient improvement of linguistics
  • Remains the traditional single-volume reference for the sector of linguistics and phonetics.


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Chip/sip, richer/ripper, patch/pat. On the other hand [tr], while occurring initially and medially (trip/sip, petrol/ petal), does not occur finally. Further, [tθ] only occurs finally (eighth/eight). Phonetically, all could be considered affricates; but, phonologically, there would be difference of opinion as to whether those with a restricted distribution could usefully be identified in this way. ) (AGT) A term used in grammatical description to refer to a form or construction whose typical function in a sentence is to specify the means whereby a particular action came about (the agent).

See abbreviation alpha notation A transcriptional convention in generative linguistics which makes it possible to simplify the statement of a rule by introducing a variable. In generative phonology, for example, it is used in cases where there is a mutual predictability between sets of features, and avoids the necessity of having to make separate statements for the conditions of occurrence of each feature. For example, in order to state that a voiced plosive in a language is always rounded whereas a voiceless plosive is always unrounded, one can conflate the two rules by using the variable α to stand for the two possible correlations [+voice] ~ [+round] and [−voice] ~ [−round], viz.

E. thereby ensuring that the reduplicant comes before the base). ) (all, ALL) A term used in grammatical description to refer to a type of inflection which expresses the meaning of motion ‘to’ or ‘towards’ a place. The ‘allative case’ (‘the allative’) is found in Finnish, for example, along 20 allegro with illative, adessive and several other cases expressing ‘local’ temporal and spatial meanings. ) see lento allo- A prefix used generally in linguistics to refer to any noticeable variation in the form of a linguistic unit which does not affect that unit’s functional identity in the language.

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