A Full Moon Is Rising by Marilyn Singer PDF

By Marilyn Singer

ISBN-10: 160060949X

ISBN-13: 9781600609497

Contributor note: Illustrated by means of Julia Cairns

A children's publication takes readers on a whirlwind travel of the area to find an grand selection of complete moon celebrations, ideals, customs, and proof. We'll stopover at India, Israel, Morocco, China, Australia, and plenty of extra areas.

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Inside were fine paintings and sculptures. The temple was destroyed about three hundred years later and was rebuilt several times, but eventually it was abandoned and its marble was used for new buildings. Nothing remains of the temple today except a single column. sUkkot Haifa, Israel Traditionally, farmers harvested their crops by the light of the full moon, so there are many full moon harvest festivals held in late summer or early fall. The Jewish harvest festival is Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles, or Booths, which commemorates the forty years the Israelites spent wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters.

Remember to look up! HIGH tIDe Bay of Fundy, Canada Tides are the rising and falling of water caused by the moon’s gravitational force on the earth’s oceans. High tides occur on opposite sides of the earth when gravity pulls the water in the direction of the moon, and it also pulls the earth toward the moon, making the water bulge out. As the earth rotates, the high tides fall gradually, becoming low tides approximately six hours later. The highest and lowest tides each month occur when the moon is either full or new.

If you “pinch” the moon between your thumb and forefinger and look through the narrow opening, you can also make the moon appear smaller. stAIRCAse to tHe mooN Broome, Australia Broome, in the northwestern region of Australia, is a small town famous for its pearls and for a natural phenomenon called the Staircase to the Moon. Along Broome’s coast are mudflats, lands that are left bare at low tides. When a full moon shines on the exposed mudflats, it creates the image of a staircase leading up to the moon through the sky.

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