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The alveolar nasal n cannot occur in word-final position. We postulate therefore that the velar nasal derives from the underlying alveolar nasal. Additional evidence that the velar nasal is not underlying is provided by words that have a velar nasal in word-final position but an alveolar nasal in intervocalic position or in position preceding segments other than velar: (6) birj 'hut, room' bin-yii 'houses' 2. 3 Consonant devoicing In normal speech, a voiced obstruent is devoiced before a voiceless obstruent.

In phrase-internal position the form is baytd. ' The second type of property concept words must have the relative marker md preceding them. The attributive construction is therefore quite similar to the attributive construction where the modifier is a relative clause. ' Some of the lexical items in this class areyY/; 'tall', dük 'short', cercer 'narrow', p'um or p'dm 'deep' (p is ejective), tcAaday 'shallow, exposed' : (29) hidd md man REL 'a tall man' jirj tall (30) hidd md duk man REL short 'a short man' 5.

The adjective nek 'good' appears to be one of those derived forms. We do not, however, have independently attested base forms without the ending -ek. Modification for these property concepts is realized by a construction consisting of the head noun, followed by the genitive marker to, followed by the modifier. Color terms belong to this type of modifier. ) Orange cloth' (38) rüküt to Ivey shirt GEN black 'a black shirt' Property concept words belonging to this group have to be reduplicated in the predicative construction, a property that is not shared by any other class of lexical items: (39) \vlzi bay-yii &dt 6am didek didek children chief-PL take eat sweet sweet 'The chiefs children took it and ate it.

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