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Phags-pa chinese language is the earliest type of the chinese to be written in a systematically devised alphabetic script. it's named after its writer, a super thirteenth-century Tibetan scholar-monk who additionally served as political adviser to Kublai Khan. 'Phags-pa's invention of an alphabet for the Mongolian language continues to be a very vital accomplishment, either conceptually and virtually. With it he completed not anything lower than the production of a unified script for the entire quite a few peoples within the Mongolian empire, together with the primary Asian Turks and Sinitic-speaking Chinese.

'Phags-pa is of enormous significance for the research of premodern chinese language phonology. besides the fact that, the script is hard to learn and interpret, and secondary fabrics on it are scattered and never simply acquired. the current booklet is meant as a pragmatic advent to 'Phags-pa chinese language reviews and a advisor for examining and reading the script. It includes elements. the 1st half is an introductory part comprising 4 chapters. this can be via a thesaurus of 'Phags-pa chinese language types and their corresponding chinese language characters, including pinyin and stroke order indexes to these characters.The first introductory bankruptcy outlines the discovery of the 'Phags-pa writing method, summarizes the foremost varieties of fabric preserved in it, and describes the ancient and linguistic contexts during which this invention happened. Following chapters element the background of 'Phags-pa experiences, the alphabet and its interpretation, and the salient positive aspects of the underlying sound approach represented by means of the script, evaluating it with these of varied later sorts of chinese language which were recorded in alphabetic assets.

A instruction manual of 'Phags-pa Chinese might be of specific curiosity to chinese language old phonologists and students interested by the background and tradition of China and imperative Asia throughout the Yuan interval (A.D. 1279–1368).

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Tham ping ~ The system lacks any form of tonal marking. As mentioned in Chapter 1, in the MGZY text characters are arranged in tonally identified homophone groups. But when the script is actually used, as for example in the inscriptions, it is completely toneless. 2 Assumptions Regarding the History and Nature of 'Phags-pa Chinese We must begin this section on a negative note. 5 of Chapter 1, there appears to be no historical basis for the common claim that 'Phags-pa Chinese was the language or dialect of the city of Dadu.

12Bayfm is a transcription of Bayan, a Mongol name. 13Regarding this date, see Cheng (1965: 23). 14por a later study of the sound system of the Gujfn yunhui jUyilO, using the Karlgrenian "reconstructive" approach, see Zhli (1986). 4a [po 40]). In our view, the correct translation of this line should be, "In the Menggu yunliie the character yi belongs under the yi ~ 11: initial. , of certain earlier rime lexica) it belonged under the yU ~ initial. " The term 20 The 'Phags-pa Chinese Script "Mongol rimes" is probably a general reference to Chinese forms written in 'Phags-pa script, as represented in handbooks, glossaries, etc.

In the following, the semivowel ~ w has been added between th- and -0: 748. ~ thwo ping ~ Two diacritics or diacritic-like elements may also be added to certain of the vowels to further modify them. 9 below. Final consonants and semi vowels can be added at the end of a syllable. In the following example, the consonant 'OJ m has been added to the syllable tha: 653. ~ tham ping ~ The system lacks any form of tonal marking. As mentioned in Chapter 1, in the MGZY text characters are arranged in tonally identified homophone groups.

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