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By James Morwood

ISBN-10: 0198602774

ISBN-13: 9780198602774

A Latin Grammar offers transparent, concise, and simply understood reasons of the entire key issues of Latin grammar. With extra gains resembling a thesaurus of grammatical phrases, a vocabulary checklist overlaying the entire Latin phrases present in the most textual content, learn counsel, and notes on Roman dates, cash, weights and measures, and names, it guarantees that scholars have all of the aid they should supplement their language studying. A Latin Grammar additionally bargains enormous quantities of instance sentences illustrating grammatical issues, a proof of literary phrases, and a useful advisor to pronunciation. this convenient reference is helping scholars convey this influential language to lifestyles.

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Illud illlus illl illud ilfo m. f. n. m. f. n. plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. hi horum his hos his hae harum his has his haec horum his haec his ill! illorum illls illos illls illae illarum illls illas illls ilia illorum illls ilia illls singular nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. is* eius el eum eo ea eius el earn ea id eius el id eo ipse (self) ipsius ipsl ipsum ipso ipsa ipsius ipsl ipsam ipsa ipsum ipsius ipsl ipsum ipso eae earum els eas els ea eorum els ea els * (he, she, it: thai) plural nom. gen.

Possessive adjectives: meus, -a, -um (my)* tuus, -a, -um {your) suus, -a, -um (his own, her own) noster, nostra, nostrum (our) uester, uestra, uestrum (your) suus, -a, -um (their own) *A11 decline like bonus, -a, -um or pulcher, pulchr-a, pulchr-um but the vocative of meus is m l deictic pronouns singular nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. m. hie (this) huius huic hunc hoc f. haec huius huic hanc hac n. hoc huius huic hoc hoc m. ille (that) illlus ill! ilium illo f. ilia illlus illl illam ilia n. illud illlus illl illud ilfo m.

Utrum utrius utr! utrum utro Plural like that of bon-T, bon-ae, bon-a. Similarly: uterque, utraque, utrumque (each of two). e. gen. sing, -fus, dat. sing. -I: alius, alia, aliud nullus, nulla, nullum ullus, ulla, ullum solus, sola, solum totus, tota, totum unus, una, unum other no any only whole one gen. sing. [alius] nullius ullius solius totius umus dat. sing alii null! (ill! sol! tot! unl ••••>Note nemo (no one) which declines: nemof neminem, nullius, nemim, nullo. g. trlstior can mean not only 'sadder' but 'quite sad', 'rather sad', or 'too sad'.

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