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In addition, new projects continue to be developed in anticipation of future energy requirements. Investment in the sector will continue in spite of resistance from environmental groups because of the need for additional capacity. Page 3 As the World Bank begins to grapple with institutional, financial and regulatory issues in the hope of improving the sector's performance, the issue of regional environmental impact needs to be examined as well. Efforts such as the RAINS-Asia will provide an overview of sulfur dioxide impacts based on source definition.

Review of the draft report was provided by Frederick Pope of Foster-Wheeler Environmental Corporation and Bernard Baratz, Shigeru Kataoka, and Stratos Tavoulareas, World Bank. Jack Fritz was the task manager for this report. Sheldon I. Lippman completed the final editing and publication management of the report. Page viii Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Data Note ACFB atmospheric circulating fluidized bed BOT build-operate-transfer CaO lime Ca/S sorbent to sulfur ratio CO2 carbon dioxide ESP electrostatic precipitators FGD flue gas desulfurization FOB free-on-board GJ gigajoule GT gigaton I&C instrumentation and controls IGCC integrated gasification combined cycle IPP independent power producer kg kilogram LHV lower heating value LNB low NOx burners MJ megajoule Mt megaton MW megawatt NDG normal dry gas NOx nitrogen oxides NSPS new source performance standard O&M operation and maintenance OFA over fire air PC pulverized coal PLF plant load factor PFBC pressurized fluidized bed combustion SCR selective catalytic reduction SNCR selective non catalytic reduction SO2 sulfur dioxide TWh terawatt Data Note: Unless noted, all tables and figures were originated by the authors.

325 Bacon, Besant-Jones, and Heidarian, Estimating Construction Costs and Schedules: Experience with Power Generation Projects in Developing Countries No. 326 Colletta, Balachander, and Liang, The Condition of Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Convergence of Health, Nutrition, and Early Education No. 327 Valdés and Schaeffer in collaboration with Martin, Surveillance of Agricultural Price and Trade Policies: A Handbook for Paraguay No. 328 De Geyndt, Social Development and Absolute Poverty in Asia and Latin America No.

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