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E? If the question mark is reserved to mark only those questions that have a rising intonation, we can write the distinction that is heard with indeterminates, i. e. ey yo. ey yo? ' Koreans now ordinarily· write both these sentences with a question mark, just as at one time they would have written them with a period (or no punctuation); the spoken distinction is lost in the writing. In this book the question mark is used only for sentences with rising intonation. The period is used at the end of statements and questions with falling intonation, but it is usually omitted when the sentence is cited as an example with the English translation immediately following.

But if 0 there is only one vowel in the phrase it is usually voiced:sip, huk,swuch; hak, thek. 3. The pseudo-vowel uy. The spelling uy is preserved from an earlier stage of the language, when ey and ay were diphthongs and wi was pronounced wuy [ui]. At that time uy was pronounced [ii], but with the monophthongization of the other diphthongs uy, too, was monophthongized to /u(:)/ or /i(:)/, depending on the dialect. In Seoul the traditional pronunciation of the monophthong is u at the beginning of a word and i in noninitial position.

In Middle Korean texts several of the isolated letters are used for special purposes. The genitive particle s was often attached to the preceding or following syllable, but it also appears as the sai sios A. between two Hankul syllables or, more often, after a Chinese character or its Hankul pronunciation. In addition to s itself, assimilated variants were sometimes written as isolated letters: ttan pan sios 'free-standing z' L:::.. is found in rHHWUWJ z ·nal (1445 1 Yong 26)'later days', ttan kiyek 'free-standing k' , shows up in NGWANG k ..

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