Pieter C. Kreijger (auth.), Pieter C. Kreijger (eds.)'s Adhesion Problems in the Recycling of Concrete PDF

By Pieter C. Kreijger (auth.), Pieter C. Kreijger (eds.)

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The construction explosion throughout the years 1945-1960 will necessarily result in elevated demolition within the subsequent a long time because the lifetime distribution of constructions not fulfills its practical social standards in a suitable manner. within the construction interval pointed out there has been an exceptional raise in bolstered and prestressed concrete building. hence there's now an increasing number of concrete to be demolished. more and more serious calls for might be made upon demolition know-how, together with the call for for human- and environment-friendly strategies. nonetheless, the potential for doing away with particles by way of dumping is gradually diminishing, particularly on the subject of significant towns and usually in international locations with a excessive inhabitants density. while in such nations and in such city parts a scarcity of aggregates for making concrete will strengthen due to regulations on mixture operating as a result of its impression at the surroundings and due to the unavailability of combination deposits as a result of city improvement. From the foregoing it follows that recycling and re-use of setting- and human-friendly demolished and fragmented construction rubble will be thought of. the interpretation of this common challenge into phrases of fabrics technological know-how is feasible by way of forming transparent principles of adhesion and solidarity: the full strategy of demolition, fragmentation, and recycling or re-use of concrete is to damage the bonding forces among atoms and molecules and to shape new bonds around the interfaces of assorted debris of both an analogous nature or a unique nature.

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If the crack can be interrupted (as discussed earlier) the influence of the extremely high stress concentrations will be small and hence the size of the specimen will be of little consequence. 90 80 70 E E z· 60 I l: .... '~" 50 :;; 20 '0 50 '00 '50 SIZE OF CUBE-mm Fig. 3 C. D. POMEROY The effect of reinforcement Although the primary use of steel reinforcement is to carry the tensile loads in a structure the presence of steel also may impose constraints on the concrete that is in compression and by so doing the bearing capacity of the concrete may be higher than that of the concrete in uniaxial compression or, of even greater significance, it prevents sudden collapse and gives ductility to the structure.

Nixon - Demolition and re-use of concrete - Materiaux et Constructions 1978 Vol 11, no. 65. 20. Takeshi etal - Study on re-use of waste concrete for aggregate of concrete - Seminar "Energy and resources conservation in concrete technology'~ San Fransisco Sept. 10 - 13 th , 1979. 21. 7th International Congre~on the Chemistry of Cement, Paris 1980, vol I, II, III. 2 CASE STUDY OF THE NETHERLANDS (ILLUSTRATING THE GENERAL PROBLEM) Pieter C. Kreijger Technological University of Eindhoven 5600 ~rn Eindhoven, the Netherlands Additional information given during the presentation of the introduction.

The provision of ductility to a material that would fail catastrophically in the uni-axial mode is of great importance to the Civil Engineer, since a truly brittle material that is notch sensitive can only be used at very low stresses, well below the theoretical strength, since a single crack formed at a stress - magnifying discontinuity can initiate sudden collapse at a low average stress. ncretes are more susceptible to the influence of stress concentrations is demonstrated by experiments that relate the size of a concrete cube to its compressive strength (Pomeroy 1972).

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