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By Shireen Afshan, Daniel Balint, Jianguo Lin (auth.), Holm Altenbach, Serge Kruch (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642351662

ISBN-13: 9783642351662

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ISBN-13: 9783642351679

This quantity offers the most important end result of the IUTAM symposium on “Advanced fabrics Modeling for Structures”. It discusses advances in extreme temperature fabrics study, and likewise to presents a dialogue the recent horizon of this basic box of utilized mechanics. the subjects conceal a wide area of study yet position a specific emphasis on multiscale methods at a number of size scales utilized to non linear and heterogeneous fabrics.
Discussions of latest methods are emphasized from numerous similar disciplines, together with steel physics, micromechanics, mathematical and computational mechanics.

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The tangential and bending relaxation functions of the three-layered plate are given by C = C11 + C22 = 2E f h f Eh c + , 1 − ν2 1 − νf2 D = D22 + D33 = 1 12 C11 = 1 2 D22 = 1 24 2E f h f Eh c + 1 − νf 1−ν (16) E f (h 3 − h 3c ) E c h 3c + , 2 1 − νc2 1 − νf , C22 = E f (h 3 − h 3c ) Eh 3c , + 1 + νf 1+ν 1 2 2E f h f Eh c + 1 + νf 1+ν D33 = 1 24 (17) , E f (h 3 − h 3c ) Eh 3c + 1 − νf 1−ν Comparing (16) with (15)1 we conclude that the surface relaxation functions λ S and μ S can be expressed through the relaxation function of faces E f , Poisson ratio νf , and the thickness h f .

Altenbach and V. A. Eremeyev material but given in terms of Laplace transform. According to this principle we use the results of 3D to 2D reduction procedure for the elastic shell-like body given by [6, 7]. In fact, using the Laplace transform one can write (4) as it follows ∞ (. )(t)e−st dt, τ = 2sμ S (s)e + sλ S (s)(tr e)A, (. )(s) = (5) 0 which coincides formally with the surface Hooke’s law assumed in [6, 7]. The through-the-thickness integration procedure applied to shell-like bodies with surface stresses leads to the following 2D equations, see [16], ∇ S ·T + q = 0, ∇ S ·M + T× + m = 0, (6) where T is the stress resultant tensor, M the couple stress tensor, T× denotes the vectorial invariant of second-order tensor T, see [18], q and m are the surface force and couple vector fields defined as in [6, 7].

Bending of crystalline plates under the influence of surface stress—a finite element analysis. Surf. Sci. 446(1–2), 161–173 (2000) 9. : The influence of surface tension on the effective stiffness of nanosize plates. Doklady Phys. 54(2), 98–100 (2009) 10. : Size-dependent response of ultra-thin films with surface effects. Int. J. Solids Struct. 45(2), 568–579 (2008) 11. : Thin plate theory including surface effects. Int. J. Solids Struct. 43(16), 4631–4647 (2006) 12. : Self-instabilityand bending behaviors of nano plates.

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