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By Professor Dr. A. De Philippis (auth.), R. N. Kaul (eds.)

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Alluvial and eroded soils), Frankenia pulverulata L. (Saline), Glycyrrhiza glabra L. , Juncus maritimus Lemk. (Humid soil, salty), Peganum harmala L. ) Forssk. , S. genistoides Juss. , Nicotiana glauca Ghaham. (Exotic), Punica granatum L. , Haplophyllum hispanicum Spach. and Stipa tenacissima L. The species most characteristic of the subregion III and of the more xerophytic zones of the subregion III (IV) is 'Argania spinosa' (Schmid). It is difficult to separate the two suborders of vegetation 'Argania' and 'Tetraclinis' which are very similar.

Study of the hydrological equilibrium of the areas under afforestation in the arid zones. Part of these afforestations are effected in order to protect water regulation works on water courses of dry zones, against destruction of these works and rendering them useless by the excessive amount of detritus carried by torrential currents of water. But there are no figures to prove that the benefit obtained is not at the cost of an excessive consumption of water in zones where water for agricultural and urban use reaches high values.

Since one of the objects of such afforestation was to provide work to the rural labour, this procedure of preparing the soil was favoured, though it may not be technically sound. Only since 1950 owing to the scarcity of manual labour and the inadequacy of the preparation described, mechanical methods have been tried. One of the methods of the preparation of the land has been the construction of narrow terraces (of the order of 80 cm) following the curves of the level by means of a reversible dumping plough (Turnwrest) hauled by a pair of oxen which ploughs furrows 20 cm deep along the contours.

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Afforestation in Arid Zones by Professor Dr. A. De Philippis (auth.), R. N. Kaul (eds.)

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