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By Hamid Ouali

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This publication offers a research of assorted vital points of Tamazight Berber syntax in the generative culture. >

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This relation is specified as Agree. 3 Agreement as a result of an operation: Agree As previously mentioned, one of the main tenets of Minimalism is that derivations proceed to satisfy bare output conditions imposed by the "articulatury-perceptual system A-P" and the "conceptual-intentional system Gl' (Chomsky 1995). When the derivation reaches either of these interfaces, syntactic objects must have only features interpretable at that interface. For example, phonological features are not interpretable at LF; therefore they have to be stripped away from lexical items at some point during the derivational process, before the lexical items are shipped to LF.

IMP "Ali will not leave" (51) ur )li ali 50 Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation This indicates that la which occurs with Imperfective verb forms is a tense marker and not an "affirmative" model. Another piece of evidence comes from examples such as ( 47) above where both the model la and the tense marker la co-occur in the same clause; a fact that is expected and which is indeed borne out. Examples (48), (49), and (50) further confirm this by showing that given the fact that negation in Tamazight must have scope over tense elements, the la that occurs with the Perfective form must be the model form since it must precede negation as shown by examples ( 49) and (50).

In the meantime let us return to example (36); the not-extracted wh-subject serves as the Goal for two different Probes T and C. According to Chomsky, T inherits its q>-features form C. T then should probe the subject and subject-verb agreement or T-agreement should obtain. Notice that C, after handing off its q>-features to T in Chomsky's approach, only has a wh-feature which is valued and interpretable, therefore C now is not active and cannot act as a probe. The wh-subject gets its Case valued and deleted.

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