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By Burton D. Fisher

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A handy, pocket-sized consultant to Verdi's AIDA which comprises the central CHARACTERS within the opera, the tale SYNOPSIS, a tale NARRATIVE WITH ONE-BAR tune spotlight examples, and an essay supplying heritage in regards to the opera and its composer, research, and insightful remark.

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Yes, she has found her way to him, the beloved one for whose sake he has forfeited life and honor, she has awaited him here, to die with him; the intoxication of final Aida Page 32 union. The repentant Amneris is in the temple praying for Radames’s soul. ida has been referred to as a necklace of musically fine jewels, so rich in melody and harmony, its music so closely wedded in its expressive power to the meaning of the text, and so broadly dramatic in all of its aspects, that it claims a place among the most phenomenal artistic creations of the second millennium.

In this incredibly powerful confrontation scene, Verdi abandoned his librettist’s polished verses and substituted violent prose, nothing more explosive than Amneris’s conclusion: “Yes, you love him, but so do I! Do you hear me? I am your rival! ” And finally, Amneris curses Aida as her detested rival. Aida, in vain, can only plead for mercy and pity. Similarly, the Act IV confrontation between Amneris and Radames contains Aida’s trademark explosions and eruptions of passions. Almost lawyerly, Amneris pleads with Radames to be objective and allow reason to conquer his emotions.

Aida became Verdi’s declaration that Italian opera and its focus on melody and voice remained supreme. With Aida, Verdi rejuvenated and even revolutionized Italian opera. The throbbing passions which explode throughout the entire Aida story certainly influenced the next generation of Italian verismo opera composers, represented by Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana (1890), Leoncavallo’s I Pagliacci (1892), and certainly by Puccini, who, as a young man, was determined to become an opera composer after he saw Aida.

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Aida (Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series) by Burton D. Fisher

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