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Only later was he recognized as one of the architects of the Modern Synthesis (which combined Darwinism and Mendelism), together with J. B. S. Haldane and S. Wright. Fisher had been an ardent eugenicist all his life. In 1933, he took over the chair in Eugenics at the London University, as well as the editorial charge of the “Annals of Eugenics”. According to Mahalanobis (1964), Fisher developed his new mathematical/statistical theory for evolution in order to “supply a sound basis for eugenics, the science of man”.

In the second case (crossing between species), differentiation had proceeded too far (ibid, 456). e. crossing between distinct varieties from the same species. Darwin compared this process to observations made in chemistry that different molecules show the highest affinit to each other if slightly different (ibid, pp. 456, 457). Concerning the significanc of sexual reproduction, Darwin deduced from his studies that its benefi lies in the advantageous fusion of differentiated individual organisms, which only sexuality makes possible (ibid, pp.

At this point in time, the reduction division of the germ plasm had not been observed, nor was it known that the hereditary material was situated in the chromosomes. Weismann accordingly believed that during fertilization, the germ plasm inherited from the parents was simply fusing together, thus accumulating in quantity. He actually believed that in the tenth generation, a single germ would contain 1024 different germ plasms (Weismann 1889, p. 276; note that he made an error in this calculation as the correct number should have been 512, since he started his example with two germplasms in the second generation).

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