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By Bill Bryson

Un appassionante vagabondaggio in keeping with le strade di un’America minore, dentro il cuore delle piccole città che sono l’anima segreta degli Stati Uniti, luoghi in cui los angeles vita sembra rimasta ferma agli anni cinquanta. Un viaggio attraverso un presente rimasto passato, in una provincia rurale che sembra non voler lasciare spazio al futuro. invoice Bryson, americano di nascita ma inglese d’adozione, percorre a bordo di una vecchia Chevrolet 22.500 chilometri all’inseguimento di un ricordo. Restituendoci un pace cristallizzato, los angeles canzone di uno sterminato paese che continua a credere, a immaginare, a vivere fra le pieghe di un sogno domestico e provinciale.

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A troop of Por­tuguese cav­al­ry had ap­peared on the crest where the sin­gle can­non was fir­ing brave­ly. A rat­tle of mus­ketry proved that some in­fantry was still fight­ing, but more and more troops were re­treat­ing past the house and Sharpe knew it could on­ly be a mat­ter of min­utes be­fore the city’s de­fens­es col­lapsed en­tire­ly. Hag­man be­gan slic­ing away at Sharpe’s hair. ” “Short like a good ser­mon, sir,” Hag­man said. ” There was a sud­den stab of pain as Hag­man speared a louse with the scis­sors’ blade.

The French did well to­day,” Christo­pher re­marked to his Por­tuguese ser­vant, a young man with re­ced­ing hair and a thin, earnest face. “The dev­il will get them in the end, sen­hor,” the ser­vant an­swered. “Some­times mere men have to do the dev­il’s busi­ness,” Christo­pher said. He drew a small tele­scope from his pock­et and trained it on the far hills. ” “If you say so, sen­hor,” the ser­vant an­swered. ’” “If you say so, sen­hor,” the ser­vant re­peat­ed, won­der­ing why the En­glish of­fi­cer called him Ho­ra­tio when his name was Luis, but he thought it was prob­ably bet­ter not to ask.

He saw Sharpe’s puz­zle­ment, “Mac­beth, Lieu­tenant,” he ex­plained as he spurred his horse to­ward the gate, “a play by Shake­speare. ” In that, at least, he was right. A great spume of dust and smoke was boil­ing out from the cen­tral re­doubts of the city’s north­ern de­fens­es. That was where the Por­tuguese had been putting up the strongest re­sis­tance, but the French ar­tillery had man­aged to throw down the para­pets and now their in­fantry as­sault­ed the bas­tions, and the ma­jor­ity of the city’s de­fend­ers were flee­ing.

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