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In line with reference fabric by means of: James Kari, Ph. D. , Peter Kalifornsky, and Joan Tenenbaum, Ph. D.

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C(v,u,un ) (β, πun ) (v,u) = β for β ∈ A v,u c(u,v,z) α, c(v,w,z) (β, γ) = c(u,w,z) c(u,v,w) (α, β), γ) for α ∈ A u,v , β ∈ A v,w , γ ∈ A w,z c(u,u,v) (πu1 , . . , πun )(u,u) , α = α for α ∈ A u,v where u = u1 · · · un with ui ∈ S ∗ for 1 ≤ i ≤ n and v, w, z ∈ S ∗ . 6 on page 20 simplifies in case of a single sorted signature. Let Σ be a single-sorted signature and X = {x1 , x2 , x3 , . } a countable set of variables. For k ∈ N define Xk ⊆ X as {x1 , . . , xk }. Then, the set of kary trees T (Σ, Xk ) (over Σ) is the set of trees T (Σ ) over the single-sorted signature Σ = Σn | n ∈ N , where Σ0 = Σ0 ∪ Xk and Σn = Σn for n > 0.

A (deterministic) finite-state automaton A is a 5-tuple Q, Σ, δ, q0 , F with Q the (finite) set of states, Σ a finite set of symbols (an alphabet), q0 ∈ Q the initial state, F ⊆ Q the final states and δ : Q × (Σ ∪ {ε}) → Q the transition function. Nondeterministic FSAs are also 5-tuples Q, Σ, δ, I, F , but they may have more than one rule for a given (alphabet, state)-pair. , δ : Q × (Σ ∪ {ε}) → ℘(Q), and they have a set of start states I. Since FSAs can always be determinized (see below), we will silently assume that we are always dealing with deterministic FSAs unless stated otherwise.

The following lexicon has just six words and four features indicating the respective categories. de f Lex(x) ⇐⇒ (C(x) ∨ (V (x) ∨ (N(x) ∨ (D(x) ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ weil(x)) schlug(x)) (Schuft(x) ∨ Hund(x))) (der(x) ∨ den(x))) The predicate Rule(x) also licenses single nodes by requiring the existence of appropriate daughters as well as by ensuring the correct labeling. This example grammar has only three rules, one building CPs, one for a transitive verb and one for NPs. The rules are simply of the form that they posit the necessary daughters with their respective labeling.

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