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By Gwendolyn Leick

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The one English-language booklet of its type, this dictionary supplies a complete survey of the full variety of old close to jap structure: from the Neolithic around huts in Palestine to the enormous temples of Ptolemaic Egypt. Leick describes the differences of average historic architectural constructions comparable to pyramids, tombs and homes, info the construction fabric and methods hired, and clarifies professional terminology.

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The ceiling work within the corridor of Justice of the Alhambra haven't got severe scholarly recognition for the previous thirty years, maybe because of their tricky incorporation right into a discrete application of Christian vs. Islamic artwork, different types that until eventually lately remained unchallenged themselves. The Alhambra itself maintains to elicit the curiosity of many students, and a number of other fresh interpretations of the functionality of the Palace of the Lions, which homes the work, were positioned forth.

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Apse Vaulted semi-circular or polygonal extension of a room or building, found mainly in private houses in the SyroPalestinian area. , ‘Apsidal Construction in the Ancient Near East’, Palestine Exploration Quarterly (1969) 69–86 ‘Aqar Quf Mesopotamia, see map p. xviii. A still impressive ruin of a ziggurat dominates this site in the vicinity of Baghdad. A foundation of Kurigalzu I (late 15th C BC), it became the royal residence during the reign of the Kassite kings (c. 1519– 1162 BC) in Babylonia.

Richly endowed and splendidly decorated as these temples may have been, the greatest Assyrian architectural 23 ASSYRIAN ARCHITECTURE Nineveh: Shamash gate (restoration) creations were the huge palaces. The capital was moved repeatedly during the neo-Assyrian period (c. 900–610 BC) (see NINEVEH, KHORSABAD, NIMRUD, ASSUR) and several palaces were built in all of them. To some extent, concern about the political stability at the beginning of a new reign may have prompted the kings to dislodge the whole court and embark on such grand building schemes.

The standard layout for the Jewish temples, as described in the Old Testament Temple of Solomo, also had a Langraum-cella (see JERUSALEM). 37 BRICKS ‘Broad-room’, ‘Steinerner Bau’ (Stone Building) (Uruk IV) bricks see BAKED BRICKS, GLAZED BRICK AND TILE, MUDBRICK Buhen Egypt, see map p. xvi. Egyptian fortress and stronghold on the southern border against Nubia. It was originally a XII Dynasty garrison, which was destroyed and eventually rebuilt during the XVIII Dynasty. From then on it was in constant use until the end of the XX Dynasty (11thC BC).

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