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By Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey

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ISBN-13: 9781568651064

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And as he instinctively cupped it in both hands, her own closed over her jewel, a gesture echoed by her companion. Tregarth could never afterwards explain, even to himself, what followed. In some weird fashion he pictured in his mind the series of actions which had brought him to the world ofEstcarp, sensing as he did so that those two silent women saw what he had seen and in a measure shared his emotions. When he had done that a current of information flowed in his direction. He stood in the main fortress of a threatened, perhaps a doomed land.

Perhaps she might have made it had the hunters not arrived. They were on horseback, and he who wore the horn cord over his shoulder remained in the saddle, while his companion dismounted and walked briskly to look over, kicking and slapping the hounds from his path. When he saw the woman his hand went to a holster at his belt. Seeing him in turn the woman stopped her vain efforts to reach the ledge, hanging from her bush, her blank face, impassive, up to his. He grinned as he unsheathed his weapon, obviously savoring the helplessness of his prey.

II MOOR HUNT The dawn light did not mean sun to come, for there was a thick mist filling the air. Petronius had been right: this was no world he knew. He was shivering. Though he had brought his top coat with him, he did not have his hat, and the moisture plastered his hair to his skull, trickled from scalp to neck and cheek. He needed shelter—some goal. Slowly Simon made a complete turn. No building showed within the rim of the horizon. With a shrug he chose to walk straight away from the rock pillars; one direction was as good as another.

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Annals of the Witch World, Omnibus by Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey

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