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I will be applied many times in Chapters 19–25. 41. Let ι be a root map of Σ and let φ and ψ be two valuations of the root datum (G† , ξ) with respect to ι. 1. 5), then φ = ψ. 23). Proof. Choose distinct roots a, b ∈ Φ and let c = sb (a). Thus b · c = sb (b) · sb (c) = −b · a = −a · b. 42) Choose u ∈ Ub∗ and x ∈ Uc∗ and let m = mΣ (u). 42. 37 ROOT DATA WITH VALUATION Thus (i) holds. From (i), we see that ψc is uniquely determined by ψa and ψb . Let B = {a1 , a2 , . . , a } be a basis of Φ. 5 of [17], every root of Φ is the image of a root in B under a product of reflections of the form sb for b ∈ B.

22, there exists a pair (β, l) ∈ Φ Hβ,l is a wall of both d1 and d2 and the affine reflection sβ,l interchanges d1 and d2 . Thus d¯1 ∩ d¯2 ⊂ Hβ,l and (since sβ,l acts trivially on Hβ,l ) d¯1 ∩ d¯2 = d¯1 ∩ Hβ,l . iii, it follows that the set {u − v | u, v ∈ d¯1 ∩ d¯2 } spans Hβ . On the other hand, d¯1 ∩ d¯2 ⊂ Hα,k since d1 ∈ Kα,k and d2 ∈ K−α,−k . It follows that Hα,k = Hβ,l . Therefore sα,k = sβ,l . 33. Let (α, k) ∈ Φ. flection sα,k are Kα,k and K−α,−k . ˜ Φ from an alcove in Kα,k to an alcove in K−α,−k Proof.

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