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Approximation set of rules for scheduling / Leslie A. corridor -- Approximation algorithms for bin packing : a survey / E.G. Coffmann, Jr., M.R. Garey, and D.S. Johnson -- Approximating overlaying and packing difficulties : set disguise, vertex disguise, self reliant set, and similar difficulties / Dorit S. Hochbaum -- The primal-dual technique for approximation algorithms and its software to community layout difficulties / Michel X. Goemans and David P. Williamson -- lower difficulties and their software to divide-and-conquer / David B. Shmoys -- Approximation algorithms for locating hugely hooked up subgraphs / Samir Khuller -- Algorithms for locating low measure constructions / balajirainbow Raghavachari -- Approximation algorithms for geometric difficulties / Marshall Bern and David Eppstein -- a number of notions of approximations : stable, greater, most sensible, and extra / Dorit S. Hochbaum -- Hardness of approximations / Sanjeev Arora and Carsten Lund -- Randomized approximation algorithms in combinatorial optimization / Rajeev Motwani, Joseph (Seffi) Naor, and Prabhakar Raghavan -- The Markov chain Monte Carlo technique : an method of approximate counting and integration / Mark Jerrum and Alistair Sinclair -- on-line computation / Sandy Irani and Anna R. Karlin

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A1 , a0 ) b . The integer b is called base. The expression is unique up to the number of leading zeros (we do not distinguish between two such representations which only differ in the number of leading zeros). The case b = 10 is of course the usual representation of integers in decimal, whereas b = 2 gives us the binary numbers. Notice the ubiquitous reverse ordering of the digits with respect to the index set k. 6 Example Consider the binary representations of the numbers from 1 to 7, (0, 0, 1)2 , (0, 1, 0)2 , (0, 1, 1)2 , (1, 0, 0)2 , (1, 0, 1)2 , (1, 1, 0)2 , and (1, 1, 1)2 , respectively.

All 13 digits x13 , . . , x1 are taken from the set {0, 1, . . , 9}. The check digit x1 is determined by the other digits such that ∑ i ≡1 mod 2 xi + 3 · ∑ xi ≡ 0 mod 10 i ≡0 mod 2 is satisfied. 1. Show that the EAN-code recognizes a single error and allows the reconstruction of an unreadable entry, but in general it does not detect a swap of two neighboring entries. 2. The EAN of books can easily be obtained from their ISBN-number. 1 Introduction 9 book was published. Then the ISBN-number with the check digit stripped is appended.

Of course, we also use the natural number n as the cardinality of sets of this order, but it should be always clear from the context if n means a set or a cardinality of a set. The metric principle which we are going to describe is based on the following fact: Definition and Theorem (Hamming metric) The function d : F n × F n → N : (u, v) → |{i | i ∈ n, ui = vi }| is a metric on the vector space F n , the Hamming metric. This means that the function d satisfies d(u, v) = 0 ⇐⇒ u = v, d(u, v) = d(v, u), d(u, v) ≤ d(u, w) + d(w, v), for all u, v, w ∈ F n .

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