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By Karin C. Ryding

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This energetic creation to the linguistics of Arabic presents scholars with a concise evaluate of the language's constitution and its numerous elements: its phonology, morphology and syntax. via routines, dialogue issues and assignments equipped into each bankruptcy, the publication provides the Arabic language in shiny and fascinating phrases, encouraging scholars to know the complexity of its linguistic scenario. It provides key linguistic ideas and theories with regards to Arabic in a coherent manner, aiding to construct scholars' analytical and demanding talents. Key good points: • research questions, routines, and dialogue subject matters in each bankruptcy inspire scholars to interact with the cloth and adopt particular assignments • feedback for extra examining in each bankruptcy let readers to interact in additional vast study on suitable themes • Technical terminology is defined in a important thesaurus

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The fronted /l/ occurs prevocalically and the backed /l/ occurs after a vowel. These two slightly different realizations of /l/ are still the same phoneme, just variant in pronunciation. 1. Allophones of laam The /l/ phoneme in Arabic is usually realized as a fronted, “light” /l/ sound. ”10 In certain restricted contexts, it is pronounced farther back in the articulatory tract, with a raised tongue, as a “darker” /l/ sound. 2. Allophones of jiim The most variable consonant phoneme in MSA is /j/, represented by the letter jiim.

Arabic words may also include pronoun suffixes that extend the length of the word and as a consequence (since stress is calculated from the end of a word), shift the stress. 2013 1:11PM Arabic syllable structure and stress still apply; it is the length or pronunciation style of a word that conditions the application of those rules. ) Questions and discussion points (1) (2) (3) (4) Select twenty Arabic words at random from a newspaper and put them into phonological transliteration. Then assign the syllable boundaries within each word.

Come up with ten minimal pairs in Arabic, establishing certain sounds as phonemes. ’ Read the article on “emphatic /l/” by Ferguson and discuss his ideas about the phonemic status of “dark” /l/. Does he make a convincing argument? Why or why not? Further reading For book-length studies of Arabic phonology, see Al-Ani 1970, Gairdner 1925, and Semaan 1968. Al-Ani, Salman H. 2008. Phonetics. In Encyclopedia of Arabic language and Linguistics, vol. III, ed. Kees Versteegh, 593–603. Leiden: Brill. Bauer, Laurie.

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