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By Robert W. Preucel

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This publication explores the a number of ways that archaeologists provide desiring to the prior, highlighting debates over the ontological and epistemological prestige of the self-discipline and comparing present responses to those matters. Explains why absolute foundations in archaeology are insufficient and appears on the possible choices. Highlights debates over the ontological and epistemological prestige of the self-discipline and evaluates present responses to those issues.Defines a brand new area for archaeological discourse and discussion.

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This new approach has been called “social semiotics” or “sociosemiotics” (Gottdeiner 1995; Hodge and Kress 1988; Jensen 1995; Lemke 1995; Thibault 1991, 1997). It focuses on human meaning making practices across verbal, visual, bodily, and other semiotic modalities, and their co-deployment. As Thibault (1991) argues, the basic premise is that meanings are made by construing semiotic relations among patterned meaning relations, social practices, and the physical-material processes which social practices organize and entrain in social semiosis.

Within internal linguistics, Saussure distinguishes langue and parole. Langue refers to linguistic structure. It is language minus speech and consists of the set of linguistic habits that allow a speaker to communicate. It is the domain of articulation which accounts for the division of speech into syllables, or to the division of signs into meaningful units. Parole refers to speech understood as the social realization of language by a member of the linguistic community. It is an individual act and thus subject to considerable variability in expression.

Two of the symposium papers have now been published. 10 We suggest that it helps us appreciate that all fields and indeed all knowledge-seeking activities share a common logical structure. We also propose that it has the potential to contribute to the current semiotic discourse on cultural pragmatics. Although much of this discourse has been taking place within the field of linguistic anthropology, archaeology’s focus on material culture well positions it to advance this developing dialogue. This is because material culture is tightly interwoven with language, and shares some of its semiotic properties.

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