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By Wilhelm Wagner

This ebook is a whole and renowned English account of the non secular ideals and superstitious customs of the previous Norsemen. Partial Contents: Odin, Wodan, Wuoton, Yggdrasil, the World-Ash, effect of Christianity, the Runic Language, Dwarfs and Elves, Giants, Loki, trip to Wafthrudnir, Frigg, Quern Stones, Ogir, Ases, Baldurs demise, Ragnarok.

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Now as a and now as sun was regarded fiery bird now a chariot and horses as a horse cows from whose udders the which flew across the sky, mothers, or heavenly streams and lakes As either in the phenomena which yet acts in his great of nature seemed to resemble animals outward form or in action, The the figure of animals. the storm- wind appeared ; by the flapping of as a gigantic eagle that stirred the air wings. the clouds were ; poured down, or nursing fruitful rain they were represented under beast which does not think, and accordance with some incomprehensible impulse, appears to be something extraordinary, something divine.

Wherever these roving merchants went, they always endeavoured to get at fished for Minor the purple mussel on the shores of Greece and Asia they dug for gold in the rich auriferous veins they found ; Lemnos, in They the raw products of the countries they visited. where a volcanic mountain was upon looked as the forge of Hephsestos, and also in the island of Thasos, and in Pangean mountains. the They mined for silver in Spain, in which country old shafts and passages, mining implements and even underground chapels have been vaulted dug Ireland they tin-ore, and in for silver, in England In discovered.

It was therefore acknow- ledged that the figure of an animal was an improper representation Thus of a divine being. Holy Writ, when " image of God created own created He likeness, but at the him," relation to that described in man in His own image, in the men now made the gods in their same time regarded them as greater, The monotheistic Germanic religion, idea of Allfather, which formed the basis of the soon gave place to that of a From these proceed the twelve gods of heaven, and they again are associated with Polytheism has reason for it is trilogy, consisting and We, and afterwards of Odin, Honir and at first of Odin, Wili its many other divinities.

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