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1 with an indication of the intended audience. 1 continued Assessment Formative/ summative Audience Individuals set own targets ipsative pupil/teacher Worksheet as part of learning formative pupil/teacher Teacher interviews on one-to-one basis and sets tasks to meet a need diagnostic pupil/ teacher Tables test formative/summative depending on whether re-tested pupil/teacher/parents or carers (because they are probably expected to learn them at home) National tests (at 7, 11 and 14) summative pupils/parents or carers/ school staff (individual results) LEA/government/ public (statistical results) QCA optional tests (in between national tests' years) formative teacher/pupil/school (to inform teacher/school of progress towards national tests and practise exam conditions) Concept map (individuals identitify known and unknown) ipsative pupils/teacher Question and answer in class formative pupil/teacher 28 ASSESSMENT Summary As a teacher it is important to decide for what purpose you are collecting information and what information would best tell you what you need to know.

The style of report varies considerably. All will contain official national tests results and all report on the National Curriculum subjects which the child has studied. Beyond this, the extent and nature of the comments is up to the policy of individual schools. You will find different practices: • a selection of phrases; • tick boxes; • written comments; • or a mixture of the above. ASSESSMENT THROUGH THE YEAR 39 Usually the author is the teacher, countersigned by the head. But some reports have contributions from the children.

This meant that some things that teachers and teaching assistants had been doing for years, wellingrained habits, were really carefully thought about. As you may imagine, this was at times a painful process but, as staff were in broad agreement that 'Children need to take a lead in their own learning', ways of working were found to bring this about. Making the change was tough going. It was difficult to leave what was familiar and go on a new journey. Two teaching staff did leave during this time of change.

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