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Chapter 5 investigates the view of sin found in a central wisdom work, the book of Sirach. 61 The chapter explores the different sections of Sirach that deal directly with the question of sin and its source as well as noting Sirach’s complex textual history and possible Hellenistic influences. Chapter 6 explores “wisdom” works from an author in a different Jewish milieu: Philo of Alexandria. This chapter directs attention to the various passages in which Philo addresses sin and analyzes Philo’s approach, while considering the influence of Plato’s thought and works on Philo’s outlook.

4 Psalm 155 is part of a collection of five apocryphal psalms that have survived in the Peshiṭta (the Syriac translation of the Bible), for which the earliest manuscript has been dated to the twelfth century. For an overview of the Syriac manuscripts and their dating, see Willem Baars, “Apocryphal Psalms,” in The Old Testament in Syriac according to the Peshiṭta Version (part 4 fasc. 6, ed. The Peshiṭta Institute Leiden; Leiden: Brill, 1972), i-x. 5 As identified by Sanders, Psalms Scroll, 74. 1113a.

While most scholars today assume a basic Essene identity of the group, 69 several have acknowledged that such an identity is not linear. 70 As Josephus’ and others’ reports on Essene belief and practice are not relevant to the current study, this study is not part of this debate. The term “the Qumran community” is used as a general term to refer to the various stages of the larger community whose beliefs are reflected in the sectarian texts. 71 69 See the overviews in T. S. Beall, “Essenes,” EDSS, 1:262-9 and J.

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