Download e-book for iPad: Atlas of Benthic Shelf Foraminifera of the Southwest by Esteban Boltovskoy, Graciela Giussani, Silvia Watanabe,

By Esteban Boltovskoy, Graciela Giussani, Silvia Watanabe, Ramil Wright (auth.)

ISBN-10: 9400991886

ISBN-13: 9789400991880

ISBN-10: 9400991908

ISBN-13: 9789400991903

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5, p. 60, pI. 1, fig. 5. TYPE LOCALITY: Bahia San BIas, Argentina. AGE: Recent. DESCRIPTION: Test ovate to pyriform in outline, ovate in transverse section; peripheral margin rounded, somewhat lobate; chambers large, slightly inflated; wall translucent, smooth except in aboral region where covered with weak costae; sutures depressed; aperture radiate, sometimes with central pores. LENGTH: range: 240-720. DISTRIBUTION: see Figure 8. OR IGINAL CITATION: Gut tulina problenza d 'Orbigny, PI. 17, figs.

14-17. ORIG INAL CIT ATION: Rotalia ( Turbinulina) elegans d'Orbigny, 1826. Ann. Sci. , ser. I, v. 7, p. 276, no. 54 = Pulvinulina elegans (d'Orbigny), Brady, 1884. , Repts .. , v. 9, p. 699, pI. 105, figs. 4-6. TYPE LOCALITY: Coroncina, Italy. AGE: Not designated. DESCRIPTION: Test subcircular in outline, biconvex to plano-convex; peripheral margin acute and carinate, 2-2~ whorls; chambers triangular on umbilical side, quadrate on spiral side, 6-7 in final whorl; wall transparent, shiny, finely perforate, with irregular blotches of white shell material; sutures limbate, distinct, curved on spiral side, radial and straight on umbilical side; primary aperture 35 small, absent in some specimens; supplementary apertures an arcuate slit with flanges on both sides but smaller on internal side.

DISTRIBUTION: see Figures 7 and 15. atus (d'Orbigny), PI. 16, figs. 19-21. ORIGINAL CITATION: Nonionina pwzctulata d'Orbigny. 1839. Yoy. Amer. , v. 5, pt. 5, p. 28, pI. 5, figs. 21, 22. TYPE LOCALITY: Islas Malvinas. AGE: Recent. DESCRIPTION: Test ovate in outline, compressed, peripheral margin rounded, often asymmetrical in which case umbilical area is depressed; chambers low, wide, curved, 11-13 in final whorl, final ones strongly overhanging earlier ones in umbilical area: wall translucent. densely perforate; sutures arcuate, depressed; umbilicus depressed, slightly granulate; aperture an obscure slit at base of wide convex apertural face.

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Atlas of Benthic Shelf Foraminifera of the Southwest Atlantic by Esteban Boltovskoy, Graciela Giussani, Silvia Watanabe, Ramil Wright (auth.)

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