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By Fikret Yegul

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Bathing in antiquity elevates a prosaic functionality to the extent of a civic establishment for which there's no counterpart in modern tradition. Enriched via over 500 illustrations, a lot of them by means of the author, Baths and Bathing in Classical Antiquity is an enormous sourcebook for this old establishment. via hundreds and hundreds of examples, it stories and analyzes the constitution, functionality, and layout of baths, trying to combine their structure with the broader social and cultural customized of bathing, and reading particularly the adjustments this tradition underwent in past due Antiquity and in Byzantine and Islamic cultures.

Yegul explores the complexities of old bathing from a number of issues of view. Sociologically, the baths with their huge charm for all degrees of society - have been obvious because the epitome of democratic beliefs and associations. Politically, they supplied the appropriate automobile of propaganda: their lavish and sumptuous interiors mirrored the could and prosperity of the Roman empire and the obvious generosity of the emperor himself.

Architecturally, baths are on the leading edge within the improvement of Roman development know-how. a number of the earliest makes use of of concrete as a construction fabric and the main cutting edge purposes of the aesthetics of concrete - daring, curvilinear kinds, vaults, and domes concerned tub constructions. as a result of their prestige as transition among merely utilitarian constructions and the extra conservative, conventional types of public and non secular structure, the baths helped to propagate and make appropriate new rules and new types in architecture.

Fikret ok. Yegul is a practising architect, Professor of the heritage of structure, and Chair of the paintings heritage division on the college of California at Santa Barbara.

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