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She knew more about him than anyone, if it was possible. Truth be told, while she had never met any of the brothers in person, she’d developed a kind of fascination with them, in particular Colt. It wasn’t hero-worship, exactly, more like looking for the best chance to escape Rathe’s grip on her soul. The Chosen looked like her best bet. Lilly bade the book to disappear with a snap of her fingers. If Colt was indeed after his father’s third of the Book of Legend, she knew him well enough to know there was no need for her to search for him.

A man half a foot shorter than Colt peered at him from behind a pair of intricate multi-lensed brass goggles that extended six inches from his face and magnified his brown eyes to enormous proportions. It was hard to tell exactly how old Marley was. The smooth youth of his face and dark brows competed with a cap of wild snow-white hair on his head. Marley attributed the premature color change to a lightning bolt that had struck him during an experiment. Colt wasn’t sure, but he’d bet it was the side effect of yet another harebrained experiment gone awry.

It stank of putrid eggs and worse, probably from the smokestacks billowing white outside against an endless cerulean sky. He picked up his smeared, nearly empty glass of ice water, leaving behind a dark ring in the pale dust on the scarred, liquor-sticky table. Hell, the only reason he’d stopped in Wickenburg in the first place was for the ice. Ever since the mines deep in the desert had flooded out and ingenious businessmen replaced the old rock crushers with steam-powered freeze machines, ice had become one of the most profitable commodities next to copper, gold, and silver in this special little sizzling corner of Hell on earth.

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