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By Jean Johnson

ISBN-10: 0425232573

ISBN-13: 9780425232576

All-new! Fairy stories retold with an erotic area, by means of the nationwide bestselling writer of the Sons of future sequence.

Jean Johnson sneaks among the covers of such vintage fairy stories as good looks and the Beast, Puss n' Boots, and drowsing attractiveness, and refashions them into bedtime tales for adults simply. With shrewdpermanent gender twists, sizzling fetishistic turns, other-worldly wants, and explorations into forbidden territories, Bedtime tales finds a veritable backyard of sensual delights that offers new intending to the time period "happy ending."

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To Valerie, the riders looked like they were made of wood themselves. Valerie saw her father, Cesaire, seated near the back of the cart. He stood and reached down for Lucie. He knew better than to try for Valerie. He reeked of sweat and ale, and she stayed far away from him. ” Lucie called over her shoulder as she let Cesaire help her and her mother over the side of the cart. Valerie scrambled up and in on her own. With a snap of the reins, the wagon lumbered to a start. A woodcutter shifted aside to give Suzette and the girls room, and Cesaire reached over, landing a theatrical kiss on the man’s cheek.

He found an excuse—he told the men they should help set up the women’s camp. Why had he returned to the village? For so many years, Peter had avoided Daggorhorn, the site of the awful accident. He hammered at a stake, driving it mercilessly into the earth, a rhythm to which he could sort his thoughts. There was something about Daggorhorn that had always called to him, he reminded himself. But he was afraid of being there. With her. His memory loved her too much. They had been just kids. Better to keep her as she’d been, hold her safe like a polished stone.

The midday sun blazed down from the center of the sky. It had baked the fields so that they smelled burned. Sheltered from the cruel heat, the workers nursed their lunches under a grove of trees at the edge of the fields—as always, the men in one group, the women together in another. ” Roxanne twirled, the hayseed dropping like confetti around her. ” Rose frowned, pulling pieces of hay from her hair. “Quit twirling like an idiot,” hissed Prudence. ” As she watched Peter join the men circling the barrels of water, Valerie tuned out her girlfriends’ voices, which sounded to her like the noise of cackling hens.

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