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By Nuden Dorje, James Low

ISBN-10: 1559392088

ISBN-13: 9781559392082

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You can See people die at all ages. We also have no idea how long we will live. We have the difficult position that we have to take care of ourselves and think of the future and make plans because life becomes more expensive and as you get old you need to be able to take care of yourself. But at the Same time we don't know whether we will be alive to live off our lovely pension if we get one. The purpose of these reflections is to develop an awakening that this situation that we are in which can seem so attractive and so seductive and interesting is actually a very, very dangerous place and this is often very difficult to See.

If you can believe that the 34 -B 5 U3 0 o teacher instructs you correctly you don't have to wonder whether you have been taught properly. And if you can then rely on that teaching and that teacher you won't have to think of all the other possibilities, of things you could be doing. Some of you may know Patrice, member in the French sangha. One of his dreams that he talks of many times is to go to a very chic three-star Michelin restaurant and have a very traditional special French dinner. So he will be relying on the chef to provide the definite dinner and if he has a good restaurant and a proper menu well prepared he will then be able to relax because he will have had his dream fulfiled.

We devote ourselves to one flavour of poison and then, when it becomes boring or no longer able to satisfy us, we move to another one. So for example you can fall in love with someone and have a lot of desire and hink that they are wonderful. But then they do something that offends your pride. So you have more flavours to indulge in. You stop indulging your desire and you start to indulge your pride. But the pride does not stay very long and you get angry. Then you do something which afterwards you think that was stupid.

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Being Right Here: A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje Entitled the Mirror of Clear Meaning by Nuden Dorje, James Low

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