Biomembranes: Volume 1 by Milton R. J. Salton (auth.), Lionel A. Manson (eds.) PDF

By Milton R. J. Salton (auth.), Lionel A. Manson (eds.)

ISBN-10: 146843327X

ISBN-13: 9781468433272

ISBN-10: 1468433296

ISBN-13: 9781468433296

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This quantity is a suite of papers designed to extend expertise and usage of fluctuation thought for the outline of ionic occasions on the membrane. The papers are revised and up-to-date models of displays made at a workshop entitled "Noise Measurements as a Probe of Ionic Conductance.

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The mesosomes could then be collected relatively free from plasma membrane by gradient centrifugation. Fitz-James (1968) also treated protoplast lysates with Lubrol W (a nonionic surfactant) to increase the yield and purity of the meso somal vesicle fraction obtained by gradient centrifugation. The detergent presumably releases chains or beads of mesosomes from their region of attachment to the membrane. The Bacterial Membrane 25 Subjecting cells to osmotic shock following plasmolysis was used by Ferrandes et al.

Electron transport) would be turned "inside-out" on the mesosome vesicles. H would therefore seem more likely that the original asymmetry of the plasma membrane would be retained also for the mesosome membrane. The asymmetry of the Q I ft ! @@ @ RZyyygyyyyYYYYY~ Figure I I. Diagrammatic representation of mesosome form and the manner in which (left) normal membrane asymmetry ("outside-out") is preserved and (upper right) "outside-in" orientation of the mesosome vesicles may originate. In all forms, the mesosomes arise from an invagination of the plasma membrane and may give rise to vesicles with a single-membrane (A and B) or doublemembrane lamellae lower right.

The spindle-shaped vacuoles have a striated surface and they are composed mainly of protein. No lipid could be extracted from them with chloroform-methanol. The proportion of dicarboxyl amino acids to basic amino acids in the vacuole membranes is low and could account for its resistance to dissociation in distilled water. The fine structure of gas vacuoles in other bacteria and blue-green algae has been studied by Cohen-Bazire et al. (1969). The wall of the gas vacuoles is not a unit membrane structure, and it was concluded that it appears to be a homologous organelle in all of the prokaryotic groups examined, characterized by very regular surface striations.

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Biomembranes: Volume 1 by Milton R. J. Salton (auth.), Lionel A. Manson (eds.)

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