Bokuden and the Bully: A Japanese Folktale (On My Own by Stephen Krensky PDF

By Stephen Krensky

ISBN-10: 076134666X

ISBN-13: 9780761346661

ISBN-10: 0822575477

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Bokuden used to be a superb swordsman who loved to trip. sooner or later, whereas using a ferry, a bully began bothering the opposite passengers. He took the simplest spot at the boat and waved his sword round. Bokuden was once no longer inspired. The bully challenged him to a struggle. Bokuden agreed yet stated he wouldn't have to use his sword to win. Can Bokuden reside as much as his impressive declare?

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It also shows the ways that judo and tai chi, among other branches, have moved from ancient times into the present and from Asia into the West. option=com_content&task=view&id= 72&Itemid=30 This website tells two tales about Tsukahara Bokuden. v=CVBox1dnEd4 Watch a demonstration of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu. 48 who liked to travel. One day, while riding a ferry, a bully started bothering the other passengers. He took the best spot on the boat and waved his sword around. Bokuden was not impressed.

The warrior laughed again. ” “Very well,” said Bokuden. Bokuden looked around. “Here on the ferry, there is not enough room for a proper contest. ” He pointed over the bow. ” The warrior agreed. As a crowd gathered to watch, Bokuden and the warrior rowed away together. Fighting with One Sword Bokuden and the warrior reached the island. Then the warrior jumped out of the boat onto the shore. He could not wait for the contest to begin. Right away, he began waving his sword. 38 The blade f lashed in the sunlight.

Bokuden started the kashima style of fencing, Kashima Shinto-ryu. ” Bokuden became so well known and admired that people began to tell stories about him. Storytellers used these tales to teach lessons. In this folktale, a rude and arrogant warrior challenges Bokuden. Instead of answering the warrior with more rudeness, Bokuden shows grace and a sense of humor. Like other folktales told all over the world, the hero wins by being smarter, not stronger or faster, than the villain. 46 Glossary bow: the front of a boat coward: someone who is afraid of many things ferry: a boat that carries people across a body of water, such as a river or a lake jab: to stab or poke quickly merchant: a trader, someone who buys a product then sells it for profit merciful: kind or compassionate mocked: made fun of in a mean way nobleman: an aristocrat or person in the upper class parry: to push a weapon away, protecting oneself passenger: a traveler who pays to be carried from one place to another peasant: someone who works on a farm, usually uneducated and lower class swordsman: someone who is skilled at the art of handling a sword warrior: someone who has fought in a battle wounded: injured or hurt 47 Further Reading and Websites Books Iedwab, Claudio A.

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